A bit of history…

IMG_3674_1069x800The farm of Collecchio used to be the center of what used to be a large agricultural estate.

Up until recently, the farm produced grain, fruits, vegetables, wine and olive oil and there was breeding of cows and horses.

The sharecropper’s houses can still be seen across the farm’s surrounding plains and remain inhabited to this day.

Although times have changed, strong efforts have been made to recreate the atmosphere of older days and preserve the beauty of this place. Despite the numerous transformations undergone by the farm, it is still a functioning agricultural center and produces an excellent olive oil. Guests will always be able to taste the seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables grown in the garden.

The farm is located inside the Natural Park of Maremma, which is one of the most beautiful protected areas in Italy. From the farm, an 8km dirt road crosses this Natural Reserve and leads to the beach of Cala di Forno, where two beach houses are offered for rent.

DSC_1089_1202x800Wild boars, deer, fox, pheasants are a common sight throughout the area.

From the dirt road you can also see stone infrastructures spread across the hills used to be watchtowers used against Turkish raiders and then for the Granducato of Tuscany. (1500 ca)

There is a legend that tells of the “Bella Marsilia”, the beautiful young Margherita di Giovanni Marsili that lived in the castle of Collecchio and was supposedly kidnapped in 1543 during a Turkish raid and brought back to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent. During her time at court she became the Sultan’s favorite, and eventually managed to bring the throne to her son.