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The Fattoria del Collecchio is a historic farm located inside Maremma’s natural park in Tuscany.

This medieval property is located in the municipality of Magliano in Toscana inside Maremma’s natural Park.  The Vivarelli Colonna family has owned and operated the property since the early 1900s. The Collecchio compound is composed of various buildings, including  the Casa Padronale (the Main House), the Casa del Fattore (the Farmer’s House), the Casone degli Operai (the Worker’s House), the agricultural shed, the warehouse and a small church that is still in use.   The farmland consists of extensive forest parks, 35 hectares of arable land including an olive grove that produces an excellent olive oil.

Three apartments on this old property were renovated and brought to a new life. In the past, these used to be the houses of the Farmer and the Guardian (..)